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    A beautiful natural cabin made from 100% renewable dense, durable construction material. Warm, Cosy and Inviting.

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"I have been in the building trade for 10 years.  I am excited about becoming a Trade Representative of Fort Group Cabins.  I often get asked by my customers for a quote on a music studio or garden studio but for me to plan and build one from scratch is not cost effective.  With these kitset cabins, the truck turns up on site with the full kitset and most of the hard work is done.  I enjoy putting these cabins together, my customers get a great product and I also get other benefits from being a Trade Representative of Fort Group which gives me extra bonuses other than my standard hourly building charge."  Anthony

  • “What a pleasure to deal with! On the last day of trading for the year they were super flexible, and within a couple of hours they had organised everything so I could get the shed before they closed for Christmas. Fantastic customer service. Very nicely packaged up, looking forward to assembling it. Thank you so much, you saved our Christmas!”

  • I think my little house is so beautiful.

    The lovely honey coloured wood makes it look like a chalet or little pioneer cabin. I needed space. Our house is so over crowded with my things, that it is lovely to have my very own studio. My new surroundings give me give me inspiration with my lovely old chair and pieces of furniture. I have a fold down desk for drawing or painting on. This lovely little house is so adaptable it can be made into endless interiors or outsides for all ages and themes from children, teenagers den, to a sewing room, it could even fit a bed in it. I absolutely love my own space, it’s so relaxing, I can shut the door, dream and work in peace.

Why Fort Group?

We supply high quality timber cabins. Our pressure treated, kiln dried timber components mean our cabins have an optimal lifespan. We aren't just saying the wood is good - Its Superior!
Customer Service Team Support - Happy to help you with any questions at any stage of your cabin purchase and install!
Instructions - Full building plans are supplied with your cabin purchase, we also provide handy best practice tip sheets, maintenance guides and instruction videos to make the build an enjoyable task.
All Components - such as fastners, screws and nails come in a handy sports bag.

We supply anywhere in New Zealand and Australia with excellent freight rates.
100% renewable and sustainable materials
Easy build with professional and proactive procedures
Timeless and durable multi-purpose cabins

Common Questions on the Timber Cabins


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