About the Building Process

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Kitset Timber Cabins and Sheds 

Log cabins are one of the most popular buildings for summerhouses, garden studios, home offices and just general small buildings in your garden.

Timber in contrast to other materials like metal and wood is very stable and robust.  Our timber in particular comes from northern Europe where the highest quality timber comes from due to the cold temperatures and slower growing time, creating finer stronger annual rings on the trees.  This timber is perfect for a building a bespoke log cabin, which is guaranteed to last a long time.


The Building Process

The assembly and build of a kitset cabin are a simple and easy process.  Builders like our cabins as they come as a full kitset delivered to time with all the components required for the build.

There are building plans supplied and a tip sheet for extra helpful instructions for making the build a fun project.  Videos are available to watch on generic cabin builds to understand the simple procedures of assembly.

Our customer support team is available for any questions during the build if required.

Our timber cabins are sold all through Europe and are from one of the largest suppliers of kitset cabins worldwide.  Be assured they have a great reputation.

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