Shed Construction and Fixings

Stacked wood construction system  

In all our log cabins, the wall sections are stacked on top of each other and no nails or screws are needed.
The log cabins are manufactured with a high wind and watertight corner connection.
Straight edge timber

Dried and laminated

All the wood is dried to reduce shrinkage. In addition, the windows, doors and posts are laminated to prevent warping as much as possible.

The more annual rings, the better quality of the timber
Fort Group timber is strong and of high quality. The quality of the wood is one of the reasons why the cabins have such a long lifespan. The wood is also specially dried in drying rooms. This reduces the shrinking and expansion of the wood.
Mounting and fixing materials

FotoBeslag HR-166
All mounting and fixing materials are included.
All the benefits at a glance:
  • Very good quality wood from the coldest areas, making the wood stable, strong and durable.
  • Planks with large and / or falling knots are removed from the process.
  • All planks are core free.
  •  All the wood is dried in special drying rooms to reduce the shrinkage and expansion of the wood.
  • Window / door wood and posts are laminated and finger jointed to prevent warping.
  • Also, the window and door wood is knot free.