Trade Representative Information


Fort Group market kitset cabins of all sizes and styles to builders! Our objective is to the be the number one choice for kitset cabins in Australia and New Zealand, you can be part of that success with us. Builders like our cabins because they’re made using high quality, durable materials and they are easy to put together.

Having established the market’s need for smaller kitset sheds through our successful SheShed brands we know that customers are looking for the larger kitset cabin range that Fort Group offers.

Becoming a Fort Group Trade Representative:

Builders can apply to become a Trade Representative of Fort Group.  

Benefits include:

Trade representatives benefit from publicity generated by Fort Group which markets builders within their local area as being able to assemble Fort Group kitset cabins.

Trade representatives receive a rebate* for each Fort Group cabin they purchase and install. This means that trade representative builders can market the cabins to their own customer base, earn income from the building work involved in assembling the cabin, and receive a rebate from the cabin purchase when it’s processed through the builder’s company. 

The process:

  • In addition to receiving incoming enquiries from interested builders we will also be contacting a database of builders in Australia /NZ, introducing our offer to them, and asking if they would like to receive a Fort Group product catalogue.
  • Builders who are interested in our offer can complete a Fort Group Trade Representative application form.
  • Fort Group processes the form, and if the application is successful the builder’s details are added to our website on the Builders page.
  • Customers can contact the builders in their area directly to request a quote or site visit.
  • Builder requests a quote for the cabin they would like from the Fort Group Website. We provide a delivery quote which includes the rebate amount

       *To receive the rebate, the invoice must be charged and paid for by the Trade Representative.

Testimonials from builders:

“I have been in the building trade for 10 years. I’m excited about becoming a Trade Representative for Fort Group. I often get asked by my customers for a quote on a music studio or garden studio but for me to plan and build one from scratch is not cost effective. With the kitset cabins from Fort Group, the truck turns up on site with the full kitset and most of the hard work is done. I enjoy putting these cabins together, my customers get a great product, and I also get other benefits from being a Trade Representative for Fort Group which gives me extra bonuses over and above my standard hourly building charge. ”Anthony

“When I first came across these kitsets I fell in love with them, after building two for my clients I decided that I needed them on my new piece of land to use as Air BnB chalets.

“The first one took three days to erect as I was training my Woofer to build the next one, the second one was erected and ready to live in within two days and my Woofer built it by herself. The kits come packaged and the instructions are easy to read and follow.”