Beauty Salon

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Just finished a beauty course and ready to start on your own? A great way to begin without high overheads and build a regular clientele base could be from starting with a studio at home. These studios have been used for nail salons, hair dressing, make up artist, beauticians and the list goes on. Get excited just imagining the different ways you could set up your own professional beauty studio

"As a mum of two young boys, working from home really appealed to me. But since all the bedrooms in our 3-bedroom house were all used up, we had to explore other options of having a room outside of the family home. I found She sheds at the field days and fell in love! The cottage look and feel of the shed matched out 70s styled home. Plus, it had lots of room for setting up what I needed.Putting it together was really simple and styling it to make it our own was so much fun! We have had power fitted, painted both inside and out, blonded the floor panels. We want to add a big deck soon and looking at putting in a heat pump for client comfort too."

Choose what size and style you want for you new Beauty Studio - ALL CABINS