Home Office

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The home office is becoming a more and more sort after space where we look to separate home life form business. Having a separate space allows you to close the doors on work after hours and time inside is spent on family time or hobbies. Not being constantly reminded of business tasks by the computer and papers scatted on the dining table. In the current time home offices are very popular as people prepare to spend weeks or months working from home to self-isolate. The Home office can easily be replicated into a sleep out or home gym if the need for office space at home isn’t required later. 

"Many people have commented on the quality of the shed and I’m really pleased with the end result. The price of the shed is really excellent for the quality and size. We are using the shed as an edit suite for our small TV production business and it fits the bill nicely."

Choose what size and style you want for you new Home Office - ALL CABINS