Home Work Shop

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Boys and their toys! The tinkering shed is a very important part of the lifestyle for many men. According to my husband his workshop is one day going to be larger than the house!? A place to store the tools, work on fixing these old pieces of I am not sure what. Sometimes its parts of a car, other times its plastic bits or timber parts. There needs to be shelves and space for a lot of important bits that will be needed some day……... There room for the camping equipment, there is space for the BBQ, there’s also storage for the old bike. There’s lights that ‘get turned on when we are tinkering at night. I really don’t know what the workshop is for but its very important and does a lot for the husband’s cheerful countenance. So long we are all happy……………

"Many people have commented on the quality of the shed and I’m really pleased with the end result.  The price of the shed is really excellent for the quality and size."

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