A wooden log cabin studio is a healthy and inviting place.
Wood has been loved by people through the ages and using cutting edge technology your cabins timber is processed into the best possible construction material. Even through the processing the dense and healthy log in the wall is still the same tree that has endured years of snow, rain and sun.

The feeling you get when you walk through the doors of a log cabin is unique. Welcoming, cosy and natural. Insulating your cabin maybe something you are thinking about if you are using it for living or an office.

The difference between a Log Cabin and a Frame Building is this:
• Timber creates a solid wall so insulation is an option.
• With a Frame Building there is no solid wall so insulation is essential.
Frame Cabin Wooden Cabin

Timber is a natural product which expands and contracts with changing moisture content. Winter = High Moisture = Expansion. Summer = Lower Moisture = Contraction.

You can choose to insulate when you build your cabin or at a later date. Insulation being an optional addition to your log cabin, we recommend you purchase this from your local hardware, to save paying freight on something that can be sourced close to home.

What you need:
  • Timber Batons – Minimum Size 44mmx44mm
  • Slotted Anchor Brackets, these clips allow the external wall boards to expand and contract separately to the internal lining. (We can supply these)
  • Insulation Foil of your choice: Some options are Foil Board, Wall Batts, Air Cell, Expol
  • Breather Membrane or Wind Stopper
  • Vapor Barrier Foil – Moisture protection
  • Wall Panel – Choose from tongue and grove board, Giboard or Plaster board of your choice.

View Insulation Video HERE: